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About Skanderborg Gymnasium

Skanderborg Gymnasium is a Danish high school, founded in 1971, and located in the northern part of the town of Skanderborg. The school is surrounded by a beautiful and spacious park, which contains a number of sculptures. The school has about 730 students, aged 15-19, distributed over 25 classes (Freshman, Junior and Senior year). The staff is made up of approximately 90 employees, of whom 75 are teachers. The school and the management are led by Principal Jakob Thulesen Dahl.  

Every year the school welcomes 9-10 new classes. Each class has its own distinctive profile (“studieretning”), depending on the subjects taught. On an overall level, most classes emphasize either natural sciences, social studies or languages (English, Spanish, German or French). Besides that, all classes have a number of compulsory subjects, such as Danish, English, history, mathematics and physical education, which altogether take three years of teaching. The high school diploma grants access to tertiary education, for instance university, provided that the student has a sufficient GPA. 

Skanderborg Gymnasium is characterized by openness, curiosity and a strong democratic tradition, which gives the students a high degree of influence – both in terms of the daily teaching and in the organization of other activities!

The school values active student participation and responsibility, which is reflected in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. These include voluntary art classes, sports activities, the school paper, parties and get-togethers, a musical every second year, a movie festival, debate evenings, literature club and not least: our yearly prom night where all students, parents and staff members do their utmost to create a fantastic party.

Skanderborg is a fairly small town with approximately 18,000 inhabitants. The town has a rich cultural and musical environment, which is seen for instance in the varied program of the Culture House (which includes a cinema) and the recurring music festival, which attracts 50,000 music-loving people from all over the country every year in August. Besides, Skanderborg is in close proximity to the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus, which offers different museums, a university and other cultural and educational institutions.

 For further information, do not hesitate to contact us:

 Principal Jakob Thulesen Dahl

 International coordinator Anne Blum